Church Stained Glass Windows Reviews

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church stained glass windows paris
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Stain glass appears in the middle of twelfth century. It is many used for a building like house, mosque, hotel and church. There are churches around the world which have been using it especially for the windows. Moreover, in several gothic churches they use it for the window with giant size. Even though the window has giant size, it still keeps the aesthetic meaning. That is why church stained glass windows always look beautiful with meaning consist in it.

The elements which consist in church stained glass window

There are some elements consist in church stained glass window that sometimes people does not realize. The first element is of course as decoration. The design of stain glass window always sets out the beauty of it. The design for the church has its own characteristic. Sometimes the design consists of mother god, Jesus Christ, bible, pigeon, banquet, baptismal, gothic, and many else. Usually it is also being appropriate with the characteristic of the church itself. So, every church has different characteristic with its stained glass windows paris

The second element is about the aesthetic. Church stained glass window always has beautiful design, color and motif, nevertheless it never leaves the aesthetic meaning of the drawing itself. The design is drawn in such a way to give deep meaning and also teach some lessons for all the Christendom which does prayer there.

The third element of the church stained glass window is about religion lesson. People who pray in the church can learn about religion from the picture in the stain glass window. The picture explains about events and incidents which happen in the past. These events and incidents also are told in the holy book. It has the same function as reliefs in past time.

Poor people call the church stained glass window as “poor man’s bible”. The name represents them. It happens in ancient Europe period. Because of their economic status, they can’t even read or write. That is why they learn about religion from the picture of those stain glasses. They can only pray in the church and see the picture to replace the function of the holy book. So, the design which contains of the pictures really help poor people at that period.

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