Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets for More Character Touch

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white chalk paint kitchen cabinets
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Have you ever used chalk paint before? It is named so not because it is a paint type used on a blackboard. Chalk board is known for it can give chalky touch on the surface of almost all materials used in home design. If it can give such different character then, why not trying chalk paint for kitchen cabinets? Chalk paint kitchen cabinets are pretty attractive and unusually outstanding.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Speaking about chalk paint, there are a bunch of brands out there. The most known one would be Annie Sloan. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is especially useful to give new character to kitchen cabinets. Since kitchen cabinets are noticeable things in the kitchen, proper paint should be chosen carefully. Annie Sloan’s is a unique decorative paint type. It has to be accompanied by Annie Sloan Soft Wax in order to make wonderful chalk paint kitchen cabinets in your kitchen.chalk paint kitchen cabinets pinterest

Well, indeed it is expensive for it is a famous brand. Fame means that it is able to meet customers’ expectation and make them very satisfied. In order to use the product of this brand, you need to put two coats of the chalk paint and two to three coats of wax on the things you want to paint on. Why we should use wax is because it is said to be able to make them strong and have water resistance. Chalk paint kitchen cabinets must be pretty useful this way.

From one of Annie Sloan reviewers, it is said that it chalk paint is very handy for there is no need for sanding or priming. Sanding is rubbing the object’s surface by something rough to make it rough. Meanwhile, priming means to cover that surface with special paint before putting the main paint. Don’t you think it is amazing? Chalk paint kitchen cabinets can be this easy to put on, durable and attractive with its different character only if you use Annie Sloan’s products. Also read: Kitchen Banquette for Space Maximization

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6 Photos of the Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets for More Character Touch

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