flush mount light fixtures lowes

Flush Mount Light Fixtures for Modern Lights

Lighting is one of the most important parts of a room. Every room in your house must have lighting so that it can be used in the evening and the night. Nowadays, lighting is usually used as the accessories to beautify the room. That is why there are various lightings that are beautiful. One of the most modern and beautiful lightings is flush mount light fixture. It is a light […]

ceiling lighting ideas for living room

Best Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

Bedroom is needed to apply the best ceiling lighting ideas to add more ambient light. It is available in different styles and sizes. The ceiling lighting can be hanging or flush mounted based on your size of the bedroom. The recessed lighting is also good to apply in bedroom depending on the height of your room. We give you the difference between three of them, and the consideration if you […]

church stained glass windows paris

Church Stained Glass Windows Reviews

Stain glass appears in the middle of twelfth century. It is many used for a building like house, mosque, hotel and church. There are churches around the world which have been using it especially for the windows. Moreover, in several gothic churches they use it for the window with giant size. Even though the window has giant size, it still keeps the aesthetic meaning. That is why church stained glass […]

stained glass window ideas

The Advantage Of Using Stain Glass Window

Stain glass is one of the architecture ornaments from Europe. it has uniqueness to make a building looks beautiful. It also makes up the beauty of interior and exterior. This thing is used for building like house, hotel, masque and church. And it is usually used for door especially window. Most people use it for window because it has many advantages. Stain glass window has several benefits and functions. What […]

round stained glass window hangings

Consideration In Choosing Stained Glass Window Hangings

Nowadays many people have used window with stain glass more than common window for their house. They tend to choose this thing because it is not only better than ordinary window but also beneficial as decoration. So that stained glass window hangings come to people who want to make their house more beautiful. How to choose suitable stained glass window hangings for our house? Stained glass window hangings must be […]