Best Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

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ceiling lighting ideas for living room india
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Bedroom is needed to apply the best ceiling lighting ideas to add more ambient light. It is available in different styles and sizes. The ceiling lighting can be hanging or flush mounted based on your size of the bedroom. The recessed lighting is also good to apply in bedroom depending on the height of your room. We give you the difference between three of them, and the consideration if you will apply it, so you can get the best one for your bedroom.

Best ceiling lighting ideas: Flush mounted

There are various styles and size of flush mounted. If you will apply the flush mounted, you need consider whether close flush or semi flush is the best one. Close flush is set on the bedroom ceiling directly. While the semi flush will hang down some inches to give airspace between ceiling and fixture. If you have low ceiling in less than 8-feet you can opt the close flush while for more than 8-feet the best is semi flush. Those are best ceiling lighting ideas that you can choose with some considerations.ceiling lighting ideas for dining room

Best ceiling lighting ideas: hanging light

Hanging light is the best ceiling lighting ideas for the 10-feet or more of the ceiling height. There are two options of hanging light, chandeliers and pendants. Usually pendant is the simple apply, whether you will use chain style or single cord to hang the light. To complement of the simple styles you can add more than one hanging light. Chandeliers apply in branch style that tend larger than pendant. It is also take more adornment and heavier than pendant style.

Best ceiling lighting ideas: recessed light

To apply the recessed light, you may consider the space of the bedroom. The size and the height of ceiling can be considerations before you install it. Choose the best place for fixture so the recessed light does not look runaway. The recessed light is best ceiling lighting ideas for you that will get the unique style and luxury look.

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6 Photos of the Best Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

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